• Print Ad Series

    Fly Racing is a leader in dirt bike gear and apparel. In this print ad series I wanted to focus on enduro (woods racing). I took all of these shots except for one (because I'm in it!). I am flying under the radar. I used idioms to associate the name of the company with the taglines.

  • Beer Label Design

    Nitty Gritty is an IPA brewed in Harlan County, Kentucky. Bootleg Brewing started during Prohibition in one of the most crime-riddled cities in the United States. This label is made to remember the grit and hard times Bootleg Brewing has gone through. It shows the Nitty Gritty of making beer along with an old rugged story.

  • Gerber Package Design

    This package design is a limited edition package for knife lovers. The ebony wood-stained box with Gerber orange felt on the inside would make anybody proud to get it. The packaging comes in a series of three cards. Each card represents an element of the earth—dirt, rock, and wood—to show the knife's versatility and consistency in any condition.

  • Sideline

    Sideline is a professional bluegrass band based out of Raleigh, NC. The logo I designed for the band is being used on their bus and all promotional merchandise, including their chart-topping album cover. This poster series was made for the West Coast Tour they do every summer. Neatly illustrated, it will attract crowds of any age.

  • Flatt Lonesome

    Flatt Lonesome is another professional bluegrass band. The logo was made to look like a stamp so it will stand out on any festival flier. The branding resembles a modern version of a wanted poster, showing the band's ability to take the wonderful bluegrass music a step further.

  • Nick's Restaurant

    Nick's Restaurant is located in Xenia, OH, and is owned by my cousin Mark Perkins. The branding is based off of the restaurant's award-winning wings, which they have not advertised enough in the past. I wanted to focus on bringing people into the restaurant to buy their wings. People will know what they want as soon as they walk in the door.

  • Nick's Restaurant Website

    This responsive web project is based off of my Nick's Branding. The website matches the high-class rustic theme shown in the menu and other promotional pieces to keep things fun and classy. This website also focuses on simplicity and ease while delivering the right information.


My name is Ryan Wallen and I am a diligent, thorough, and efficient hybrid designer. My family bloodline traces back to the deep hills of eastern Kentucky. That is where I learned how to work hard and have fun with whatever I am doing. I have a passion for design and creating work that will impact people. I am unaffected by pressure, since I always work with a rhythm and a plan to get the job done.



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